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The Booty Beads™ come in a stylish and sophisticated design and they are just perfect for some bootylicious fun in the bedroom! If you’re looking for new, exciting ways to experiment, anal beads are a great starter product to try, They are perfectly sized to give stimulation and excitement, without being too intimidating for first-timers.


Soft, smooth, and tapered, these pleasure beads will give you the stimulation that you need, and it can be used anywhere on the body too. The silicone beads are also graduated so that you can work your way up, one bead at a time. The silicone is extremely flexible and you will find it easy to use from any angle or position. The easy retrieval rings make them safe to use on yourself or a partner, and they can be easily removed any time you wish. Designed to be completely safe even for the most sensitive skin and the body’s most intimate areas, these unscented silicone beads are a trusted product amongst our customers. The beads measure 4.5 inches by 1.25 inches wide, making them suitable for advanced users looking for extra stimulation – and the graduated bead sizes will help beginners ease themselves in for a fun, exciting ride.

Silicone Booty Beads

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